Tuesday, January 14, 2014

LDC Schedule

L.D.C. Schedule (K-2)

                         1 = 8:10 – 9.00                          4 = 12:15 - 1:05
                         2 = 9:05 – 9:55                         5 = 1:10 – 2:00
                         3= 10.00 - 10:50                       6 = 2:05 – 2:55

Jan. 6 - Jan. 10                                 Jan. 27 – Jan. 31
1. Rota                                                    1. Rota
2. Lopez                                                 2. Sigmon
3. Rangel                                                3. Vamvakias
4. Nathan                                               4. Jackson
5. Hughes                                               5. Hughes
6. Dickens                                               6. Dickens

Jan. 13 – Jan. 17                                 Feb. 3 – Feb. 7
1. Fromen                                                1. Fromen
2. Brown                                                 2. Lopez
3. Blake                                                  3. Rangel
4. Musters                                             4. Nathan
5. Morrison                                            5. Morrison
6. Stryker                                              6. Stryker

Jan. 20 - Jan. 24                                  Feb. 10 - Feb. 14
1. Martinez                                               1. Martinez
2. Mouftah                                               2. Brown
3. Holub                                                   3. Blake
4. Rush                                                     4. Musters
5. Isgur                                                    5. Isgur
6. Barrera                                                6. Barrera


Currently in Kindergarten, we are reading about Flat Stanley, mail and writing letters. After creating a Flat Stanley, the students will write a letter to a family member or friend who does not live in Houston asking him or her to take the Flat Stanley on a tour of their city and show him what life is like where they live. Then, they will mail out the letter with the Flat Stanley and patiently, but eagerly await his return. Hopefully, the Stanleys will return with stories and pictures about his travels that the students can share with their class.

First Grade

Currently in first grade, we are writing narrative stories about a special family memory. Since our families are the first and one of the most important communities we will be a part of in our lives this unit connects well with the unit of inquiry the first graders are exploring in their classrooms. As part of this unit, we a reading several Patricia Polacco books as she gives wonderful examples of descripive accounts of her family memories.
As students finish their stories, they will create collage illustrations inspired by the story Tar Beach by Faith Ringold to complement their writing.

Second Grade

In their classrooms, second graders are researching different animals in their current unit of inquiey. When they come to LDC, they will be using their knowledge and research to write a creative fiction story about themselves (or their main character) changing into the animal that they are researching. In theis story, they will have an adventure and challenges that they will have to face as their animal and eventually change back into themselves.
The students will go through the entire writing process, brainstorming, planning, writing a rough draft, revising, editing and publishing.